Meet the crew


Down and Out was founded in 2013 in Rotherham by bike enthusiast Carl Portlock. Since then he has gathered a like-minded and extremely skilled crew devoted to building custom builds and providing parts to create the finest upgrades. As enthusiasts we’re not only experienced mechanics but we also have an eye for what works when we’re all ready to crank things up visually too.

Newer. Better. Further.

We like our donor bikes fresh from the box so we can put nearly all the effort and the budget into the upgrade and not repair and restoration. The bikes come from our great links with manufacturers – just as they whizz off the end of the production line – or are nearly new examples. That way we can focus on the vision, knowing that when the basics are covered, then we can really take things to the next level. Always keeping to the soul and character of the metal in our hands.

Always seeking.

How far you want to take it is up to you, but like all bikers, we’re also part of the club and we use what we’ve seen, heard or rode to inspire our customs and parts. Experience and skill is just part of it, as memory serves just as well as the wallet. We can use our recall to find that ‘just-so’part from our partners or our spare stock – built up from years of taking the cream from the crop of auto jumbles. We may be based in Rotherham, but we’re always on the road.