Bonesheart Thruxton R

Neat stainless steel bracketry is something D&O have designed, produced and perfected over the last few years and a punter can order kits to tidy-up their own bikes. The mudguard and headlight mounts here are straight off their own shelf. The headlight itself is a slightly smaller version and utilises micro LED indicators as the mounting bolts. Another pair at the rear and a simple Bates stye taillight ensure the bike remains fully road legal.

The rims have been powder coated satin black along with the swingarm and mudguards – these are hand rolled and just long enough to be functional. Dutch had a set fitted to his T100 and never arrived to work with road grime on his face. Practicality was key to this build so the stock seat base with key latch was retained and modified before being re-upholstered in brown vinyl. The excess subframe rails have been lopped off and a rear loop seamlessly spliced in. Probably one of the most common mods customers ask for at D&O and the guys can do one with their eyes closed.

The Thruxton R’s engine has such a good power delivery and character that is rarely warrants being messed with, releasing the lovely bass tones usually suffices. The clever double skinned, hidden catalytic converter headers from the stock bike are probably now on eBay, superseded by a minimal snake of stainless and stubby reverse megaphone silencer. We love the sound of a 1200cc T120 uncorked and this bike should be no different.